The Bucket List

113 Things To Do Before We Graduate

At the beginning of the year, the 2013 Trustees handed out this list during the 4th year dinner. The handout is full of ideas on how to make our last year the best and most fulfilling year at UVa. It includes:

  1. Sing the Good Ole Song
  2. Attend Rotunda Sing
  3. High-five Dean Groves
  4. Make a Class Gift
  5. Watch the Antics of Hypnotist Tom Deluca
  6. Nab the #1 Ticket at Bodo’s
  7. Streak the Lawn
  8. Paint Beta Bridge
  9. Attend a Class of 2013 Trustees Event!
  10. Experience Late Night at Little Johns
  11. Volunteer in the Charlottesville Community
  12. Tailgate a UVa Sporting Event
  13. Eat a Pancake for Parkinson’s
  14. Chalk for Your Favorite CIO
  15. Grab a Slice at Christian’s
  16. Donate Blood –or Support a Friend’s Donation
  17. Dress Up “Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls”
  18. Tube Down the James
  19. Ride the Wahooptie
  20. Relive O-hill Brunch
  21. Visit the Farmer’s Market Downtown
  22. Eat Dumplings at Marco and Luca’s
  23. Revisit Your First-Year Dorm, or Where It Used to Stand
  24. Order Food to Clemons
  25. Say “Thank You” to a University Employee
  26. Take a Historical Tour of UVa
  27. Befriend a First Year
  28. Get Lunch at Bellair Market
  29. Watch an Improv Show
  30. Ride the UTS Bus
  31. See a Concert at the Jefferson or the nTelos Wireless Pavilion
  32. Eat Something Greasy at the White Spot
  33. Watch the Sunrise from Humpback Rock
  34. Dress Up for Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn
  35. Enjoy a Perk from being an Alumni Association Student Member
  36. Hug Ms. Kathy in Newcomb
  37. Visit Monticello and Wave to the Rotunda
  38. Attend a Class You’re Not Enrolled In
  39. Pick Apples at Carter’s Mountain
  40. Enjoy Some Froyo at Arch’s
  41. Check Out the Declaration of Independence in Special Collections
  42. Check Out One of CVille’s Breweries
  43. Go to Fridays After Five
  44. Have a Charlottesville Exclusive: Spudnuts
  45. Attend a Themed Party or Date Function
  46. Complete the Dining Hall Marathon –3 Dining Halls, 1 Day
  47. Volunteer at Madison House
  48. See the Lighting of the Lawn
  49. Go on a Real Date
  50. Take Advantage of “Half Price Thursdays” at IHOP
  51. Rent a DVD from the Robertson Media Center
  52. Visit Carr’s Hill
  53. Tell a Secret at the Whispering Wall
  54. Ride the Trolley
  55. Attend an AFC Drop-In Class
  56. Study in the McGregor Room
  57. Go to the VA Film Festival
  58. Ice Skate Downtown
  59. Watch a Movie at Renovated Newcomb Theater
  60. Stargaze at Open Observatory Night on O-Hill
  61. Pull an All-Nighter at Clemons
  62. Check out Edgar Allen Poe’s Room
  63. Eat a Picnic on the Lawn
  64. Compete in Trivia Night at Mellow Mushroom
  65. Hang Out with a Professor Outside the Classroom
  66. Experience a Performance in Old Cabell Hall
  67. Plan an IM Sport
  68. Take Back the Night
  69. Grab Some BBQ in Belmont
  70. Attend a Non-Basketball Event at JPJ
  71. Cheer for the Lacrosse or Soccer Team at Klockner Stadium
  72. Sled Anywhere on Grounds
  73. Witness the Purple Shadows on Jefferson’s Birthday
  74. Check Out a Book from a Library
  75. Get Artsy at the Fine Arts Café
  76. Get Spooked at Brown College Hauntings
  77. Attend a Professor’s Office Hours
  78. Participate in a Sorority or a Fraternity Philanthropy Event
  79. Take a Picture with Thomas Jefferson
  80. Sing Your Heart Out at Baja Bean Karaoke
  81. Run the 4th Year 5K
  82. Attend a Student Theater Production
  83. Play in Madbowl
  84. Study in the Dome Room of the Rotunda
  85. Vote in the UVa Student Elections
  86. Go on a Random Road Trip
  87. Use the 21 Box on the Lawn
  88. Participate in a Sustained Dialogue Event
  89. Hang Out at a Final Friday Reception at the UVa Art Museum
  90. Have a Movie Night in the Chem Building
  91. Plan a Dorm Reunion
  92. Sport Some 2013 Gear
  93. Drive up Skyline Drive
  94. Go Wine Tasting
  95. Appreciate a Horse at Foxfield
  96. Check out a CIO or CIO Event That You’re Not Involved In
  97. See the Sunrise on the Lawn
  98. Try Every Restaurant on the Corner
  99. Go to All the Gyms on Grounds
  100. Watch a UVa Away Game at a Local Establishment
  101. Wear a Cap and Gown to a Final Exam
  102. Take a Cooking Class at the International Center
  103. Go to the Step Show
  104. Go to Breakfast at Pigeon Hole
  105. Eat at Crozet Pizza
  106. Support Someone Who Does St. Baldrick’s
  107. Plant in the UVa Community Garden
  108. Go to Miller’s Thursday jazz
  109. Frisbee at Cornerstone
  110. Visit a Pavilion Resident
  111. Attend a Homecoming Event
  112. Go to Valedictory Exercises
  113. Wear the Honors of Honor