#75: Get Artsy at the Fine Arts Café


If you’re ever in the mood for delicious food and a great place to study, you have to check out the Fine Arts Cafe. Located in Campbell Hall, this cafe predominantly caters to students in the A-school due to its convenient location. However, it’s well worth the walk–the food is absolutely scrumptious. The renovated cafe is one of the first dining locations to include sustainable foods. The simplistic menu includes a variety of all-natural and organic dishes.

menu1menu2It can get busy during peak hours, however, the food is well worth the wait. Plus, the atmosphere is so relaxing and peaceful, as many students are studying or doing homework. When asked about why he visits the Fine Arts Cafe, one 4th-year student said, “I come here because it’s close to all of my art classes and it has a cool vibe. The food is so fresh and unique, they have a little bit of everything. I feel like it’s hidden away–not a lot of people know about it.”


I recently visited the Fine Arts Cafe and it is one of the best on-grounds dining experiences I’ve had at UVA thus far. I ordered the Grilled Pesto Chicken sandwich and it was honestly better than many of the restaurants on the corner. Put this one on the top of your bucket list before you graduate–you won’t regret it!

Fall Hours: Monday-Thursday (9:00-6:30), Friday (9:00-3:00), Saturday&Sunday (closed)