#50: Take Advantage of “Half-Price Thursdays” at IHOP


Thirsty Thursdays….more like Pancake Thursdays!  With IHOP’s “Half-Price Thursdays” deal, students with a valid college ID get a 50% discount on entrees from 6pm-6am. You have to admit, there’s nothing better than a big plate of pancakes, especially after a long and stressful week of exams. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to fill up before a night on the town. I’ve been to IHOP too many times to count, but I’ve never gone on a Thursday night.


All you have to do is show them a valid student ID. However, there are a few catches to this deal: You may not split checks, must order a beverage (water does not count), and no additional coupons may be used.


When I visited IHOP this past Thursday, I asked the server what the most popular entree was and he said that the Griddle Melts were becoming the new favorite dish. So I ordered a Ham and Cheese Egg Melt, which was pretty scrumptious. In addition to the pancakes of course, I definitely recommend the Griddle Melts.


So if you’re looking for a great deal and craving some pancakes (or the new Griddle Melts), take a trip to IHOP on a Thursday night between 6pm-6am. And remember, this deal goes to 6am, so this may be a delicious alternative to the typical late night pizza slices at the Corner. Make sure all you fourth years cross #50 off the bucket list before you graduate!