#64: Compete in Trivia Night at Mellow Mushroom


If you’ve ever tried to go to Mellow Mushroom on a Wednesday night, you know how intense Trivia Night can be. Even though the competition begins at 9p.m., trivia fanatics know that you have to arrive by at least 8p.m. in order to grab a table for your group. The entire restaurant quickly becomes filled with people trying to win that gift card. Some people are intently listening to every question and racking their brains, some people are more focused on drinking beer and eating pizza, and other people are wondering if the honor code applies to Mellow Trivia Night as they sneak out their smart phones to search for the answers.

Categories range from literature to pop culture, math, technology, sports, etc. As Forrest Gump might say, “you never know what you’re gonna get.” You must assign point values to each category before knowing all three questions, which can be tricky.

My favorite part of Trivia Night is trying to come up with a team name. Follow Mellow Mushroom on Twitter (@MellowCville) and you’ll know the “word of the night” to use in that team name each week. When it comes to Mellow trivia, the more offensive, the better. Names that are jokes with sexual connotations or that make fun of any public figure are often in the running for the best of the night. Hearing the judges read out all team names at “half-time” can make me laugh all night.

“Choosing a team name is the most difficult but also the most rewarding. Winning the team name might be better than winning actual trivia, but it also requires skill in suppressing laughter for other teams, but roaring obnoxiously when your team name is called,” said fourth year College student Abbi Sigler.

As the night goes on, and more beer gets consumed, trivia becomes increasingly more difficult. It becomes harder to think straight. As if the trivia wasn’t hard enough, after a few pints, answering those questions becomes nearly impossible.

Trivia Night is one of the best ways to spend a Wednesday night in Charlottesville – all you need is a few friends, preferably ones that know random information on a variety of subjects.