#10: Experience Late Night at Little John’s


When’s 2 a.m. and you’re hungry, you’ve got a few options for late-night munchies on the Corner. You could grab pizza, tacos, or Dunkin Donuts Munchkins. However, no late-night dining is quite like the experience you’ll have at Little John’s.

On Saturday night, I grabbed a friend and spent the evening people-watching at Little John’s from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. Let me tell you – things got even weirder than I expected. I took notes and photographs of the experience. I present to you [the edited] chronology of my Saturday night spent sitting by the front window of Little John’s:

11:05 My friend and I arrive, order baked fries and beers – yes, Little John’s does serve beer and cider!


11:11 Little John’s employee speaks Spanish to an intoxicated customer who claims to know the language – she does not understand “Como estas?”

11:33 Four students enter the restaurant, take straws for their Cookout milkshakes, and leave

11:45 Two students enter, wearing matching Miller Lite pajamas

12:03 Argument breaks out in the restaurant over the Dallas Cowboys

12:08 My friend and I befriend a mammal – a gorilla who cites reason for costume as “I wanted to go casual tonight”


Our new friend

12:16 Argument breaks out in the restaurant over whether a girl’s schitzu named “Teeny” is in fact a dog or a rat.

12:19 Argument over dog turns into a religious debate.

12:34 Three boys enter the restaurant saying “Let’s go!”

12:47 A student refuses to eat his Free Bird combo because he claims he paid full price for half of a sandwich.

12:50 Little John’s background music turns to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones. This song seems to apply to the student’s Free Bird situation.

1:11 A man enters the restaurant who was eating at Lil’ John’s earlier in the evening – minus the fedora he was previously wearing.

1:37 Customers discussing Thomas Jefferson’s character – one person in the group fabricates several quotes by Jefferson to prove his point.

1:44 Overheard: “I’m trying to get with this girl who hates me. Nothing turns me on more than a woman who hates me.”

1:58 The line to order food is out the front door


2:02 My friend and I meet a Danish foreign exchange student. He gives my friend his golf club visor as a temporary gift, while he orders food – subsequently cutting about 10 customers in the line to order.

2:15 A wedding party enters the restaurant – complete with bride and groom who had gotten married earlier in the day at the chapel. The entire restaurant claps for them.

The happy couple

The happy couple

2:29 My friend and I leave the restaurant, satisfied with our night of people-watching and vow to do it again soon.

Tally marks:

12 – People who walked by the window of Little John’s dancing

7 – Seemingly long lost reunions occurring outside of Little John’s

5 – People who spent more than seven seconds trying to push open the front door labeled “Pull”