#69: Grab Some BBQ in Belmont

There’s a reason why Belmont BBQ is consistently ranked high on Charlottesville’s best BBQ list. It’s fast, delicious, and reasonably priced comfort food.


While my previous posts have been about new experiences and expanding my horizons, this particular post is about something I’ve been doing since I arrived on grounds. Belmont BBQ is definitely one of my go-to “pig out” meals.

(This is what the restaurant looks like from the outside. The inside area is mainly for ordering and getting sauces, with only enough seats for maybe 3 people. When it’s warm enough, the tented outside area is a good option. Otherwise, it’s probably take-out only.)

The inside of the restaurant is full of pig-themed nick-knacks and whatnot. It kind of looks like someone’s nana, who really really really likes pigs, decorated the place with years of collectables. Somehow though, the whole thing works and gives off a cozy, neighborhood gem vibe.

Here’s some pictures of the inside:




For what to eat, they’ve got all the basics: pulled pork, hush puppies, ribs, cheesy potatoes. If you like southern BBQ, this place has you covered. Here’s a picture of the menu:


I got the #4 (one meat and one side) with pulled pork and french fries. I didn’t take a picture of the sauces, but they’ve got everything from sweet & mild all the way up to inferno.


The food was delicious, as always. I highly recommend this place if you haven’t already been!